Upcoming Events


March 25, 2017

1) There will be meeting of all Lamkaang Tribe Leaders at Chandel at Deeringkhu on 18th of March at 11 AM for pliminary discussion on Multi-purpose Resource Centre and Multi Cropping Organic Agriculture. Ms. Lera and friends will be there. 


a) To site the location of Multi-Purpose Resource Centre with price tag

b) Drafting Project

c) In-sourcing capital for MPRC

d) Formation of Project Committee

e) Multi Cropping Organic Agriculture

2) The Project Committee shall meet Most Rev. Dominic Lumon, DD, the Archbishop of Imphal Manipur to discuss with him to help partly the Ksenmii Community on MPRC

3) When and how to make use of Off-set Printer




Lamkaang Literature Society, Deeringkhu

Place: Deeringkhu

Dated: 25th March, 2017