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15 February, 2017

Since 2013 a systematic and concerted effort to Lamkaang Paam (land) has been going on. Awareness of Lamkaang Language as endangered language, the people themselves have decided to change and save their situation. When a language dies, the culture of the Nation dies as well. Nobody wants this to happen.

In 2014, the Lamkaang Language Education Committee (Lamkaang Pau Tkurchuna' Lop) was established by Lamkaang Naga Kver Kunpuun, Lamkaang Kurchuukno, Snulop, Lamkang Naga Baptist Asociation and Bible Society of India in collaboration with International Linguistic Organization. The Lamkaang Literature Society resumed its work in 2016. Lamkaang Language Education Committe is working under Lamkaang Literature Society. Towards saving, preserving, developing and promoting Orthography, Lamkaang Grammar and Dictionary the Lamkaang People are collaborating with an International Linguistic Organization. 

The following works have been either accomplished or are in progress:

- The Lamkaang alphabet was finalized and has been widely accepted (accomplished);

- The Lamkaang Grammar and spelling rules (Text Book) is in progress with the assistance of one of the best linguists;

- The Children's Primer (Lamkaang jiikbul Laika) is expected soon;

- The Lámkáang Key-board has been developed by the IT linguistic department for typing tone marks and dotes //. It is being distributed for free for all who need it;

- The Lamkaang Websites (; are in the process of being upgraded and built. Soon news and views will be published;

- The first part of a Lamkaang Dictionary will be finished soon;

- The Legends and Fairy Tales (Lamkaang Text Book) is in the process of illustration and spell-check;

Children's Bible has been translated but the grammar check is in progress;

- Lamkaang Tradition and Culture had been recorded from 2014 to 2016. Six DVDs on LCA, LNBA, Lamkaang Culture, Lamkaang Folk songs, Sa Armin that were created will be published on the same day and they will be distributed to the people of Lamkaang this summer 2017 as part of fundraising project for printing the Dictionary, Primer and other Lamkaang books.

In March 2016, under the Education committee with the gracious support of all the Lamkaang churches (LNBA and LCA), the first course of Music School was initiated.  About 30 Lamkaang Youth  participated and acquired knowledge of musical theory with practice but only 17 students passed their exam and were awarded Certificates. All of them are serving in their local churches as musicians.

We ask you to keep all these works in your prayers keeping in mind the need for wisdom and financial support. All the Lamkaang people and international specialists who are part of ongoing works are philanthropic volunteers with no salary. We still need financial support for publishing books, TA to visit villages and for their other supplies. Please respect, encourage and support always the people who are doing these hard works.


In Christ Jesus,

Lamkaang Language Education Committee

15th February, 2017

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