Ksenmii Voice


Brief Report

Thursday, the 23rd February, 2017

The Lamkaang (Ksenmii) is participating in the website building training held at ICSSR, NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya held from 15th -28th , March, 2017. The training is organised by Internet Publishing Service in collaboration with FMPB Shillong, Maghalaya. This training envisaged to revive the endangered language of the world to have their own website and publish about themselves in their mother tongue language.

The training was given to different tribes, communities, NGO and educational institutions from North Eastern States of India. They are broadly classified as;

  1. Tribes and community from Manipur state like Lamkaang, Poumai, Zou, Lushai-Mizo, Singsit-Kuki.
  2. Tribes and community from Meghalaya were represented by Khasi tribe and Kuki Worship Service, Happy Valley, Shillong.
  3. Adi, Tani and Nishi tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Adi and Tani are faith-based mission whereas Nishi is tribe based.
  4. A Society for Promotion of Tribal Welfare and Development which is an NGO working for the tribal and based at Delhi (SPTWD).
  5. One educational institution from Tripura state named as “Antioch School”

The outcome of the training is building of their respective websites by the participating units. Regular maintenance of the sites would be the post training activity of the participating units and the Internet Publishing Service as the host of the sites, would pay the requisite fees.

Rev Fr. Avince Anthony Dilbung and Mr. Loveson Shilshi, Secretary of Lamkaang Literature Society (LLS) were the participants from Lamkaang tribe. The proposed and approved website is  www.ksenmii.org . The website will publish all about Lamkaang people, their language, their literature, their culture, tradition and customs. These will be published in the form of text, video, audio, and photo formats. The contents of all these formats will consist everything which are duly approved by concerned authority before publishing. 

The resource persons of the training are from Internet Publishing Service  and Rev Helien Singsit, STEPS India.